Domestic violence in the uk affect women more in 2010 than 50 years ago

The First Part

This requires you to undertake three tasks. The first task is for you to show some general awareness of those theoretical perspectives that could be adopted to explore your chosen topic. Not all five overarching theoretical perspectives (as presented in the lecture) can usefully be applied to all research topics, so you need to be selective. The handbook s reference to  the key characteristics of  the different theoretical perspectives is referring to their ontological and epistemological characteristics but you are not expected to go into great detail here. The minimum required is two perspectives, in order for you to make a basic comparison.

The second task is for you to choose a theoretical perspective, or a combination of perspectives, and to set out your reasons. This is likely to require a paragraph. For example, why you selected that theoretical perspective and not one of the others you discussed in the first task? The answer will have something to do with the suitability of the perspective for your particular research topic  and you will have to explain this  together with how the perspective best suits your personal assumptions and values, which you will also need to explain. This could easily require two further paragraphs to address each of these items.

The third task is for you to identify the research methodology most appropriate to your theoretical perspective, or combination of perspectives, and to (briefly) give your reasons. This is likely to require a paragraph. You will then need to set out the specific research methods/instruments you intend to use in your dissertation as an expression of your methodological approach in action  and how these will help to provide answers to your research question(s). This is likely to require a couple of paragraphs.

There is no set distribution of the 1000 words between these three tasks. As a general guide however, you are advised to allocate approximately 250 words for each task so that it can be effectively addressed. Beyond this, you are free to allocate as you see necessary. You should try and stick to the 1000 limit and include a word count at the end of this Part. Your writing must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered.
please use Harvard system for the references.