Dose family structure affect education more than income

project 3/what i say : joining the conversation and remediating my argument

keyword:counterarguments, arguable claim, purpose, thesis driven essay, rhetoric, rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos,logos,kairos ),medium, audience, digital remediation, info graphics , multimodal argument.
project description:
student will have conducted research , understood critical readings and historical perspectives , and learn to develop research questions into thesis statements.
project 3 assignment:
Generate an arguable claim and write an academic essay to support that claim. This essay should provide background on the topic (context), an arguable claim, and evidence to support the claim, counterarguments, and a conclusion that offers the reader something for further thought. This project helps to prepare students for the type of research-based academic writing
Students will:

construct and revise an arguable and insightful thesis (Focus),
provide context to appropriately position an argument (Focus),
employ a variety of rhetorical strategies learned throughout the semester in various modes of composition (Focus),
compose a text using digital tools and mediums that address audience, purpose, and composition (design and color choices, images, text, visual arrangement, etc.) effectively(Focus),
constructs a remediation that is usable (all links and widgets function), navigable, and engaging (Organization),
effectively integrate sources (other sources) using summarization, paraphrasing, and direct quotations (Evidence),
consider appropriate counter arguments (Evidence),
presents an argument that is fully developed with convincing and compelling details (Evidence, Organization)
employ segues and transitions that move the reader through the paper (Organization),
provide topic sentences that propel the argument forward (Organization),
construct a conclusion that offers the reader an opportunity for further thought (Organization),
employ the use of the third person point of view (Style),
produce a paper that is clearly worded and free of grammar/punctuation errors, specifically as they relate to commas/comma splice, active/dynamic verbs, sentence variety, and parallel structure, in addition to those emphasized in Project 1 and 2 (Style),
follow proper MLA structure both in formatting the paper and citing sources (Format).
Genre Conventions: Academic Essay

Purpose:Present an arguable claim that is supported by evidence located in research

Audience:Someone who is less knowledgeable about the subject; or, an audience of academic peers

Point of View:Active voice, third-person

Research Question and Thesis/Focus

As an informed researcher, students will develop a research question that delves deeper into their topic to prompt an informed claim. This reflects the evolution of the studentsi?? research process as it moves from an annotated bibliography to an evidence-based academic essay. The thesis should respond to the research question and establish an arguable claim. The thesis should demonstrate an understanding of counter claims and reflect an evidence-based claim about the topic.

Role of Research:

Students should use research as (1) support for their thesis and (2) a way of acknowledging and incorporating counterclaims. Students should incorporate a scholar peer reviewed seven sources after the year 2000.
The final draft should be a 1,000-1,200-word polished essay in which students articulate an assertion about their topic with which a reasonable person could disagree and address counterclaims. Students should ensure that their claim is fully supported with paraphrased, quoted, and summarized material drawn from appropriate credible sources cited using MLA. The final draft includes the thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations), counterclaims, and a Works Cited page.