Draft report : Opportunity and diversity at work

: Opportunity and diversity at work

Q: Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity are supposedly different paradigms. Or is Managing Diversity just an extension of Equal Opportunities? What do you think. Discuss the position taken.

I will require you to complete the final paper as well in due course

This should indicate a wide range of reading on the chosen topic and show some attempt at structuring the various arguments and data encountered in dealing with the chosen (and justified) aims and objectives of the paper. A clear plan for completion should form a final section of the draft.

Assessment criteria:

A coherent outline of your proposed paper

Identification and justification of anticipated theory to be included (to date)

Identification of empirical evidence to be included (to date)

Preliminary assessment of the significance of this theory and empirical evidence for your overall argument/conclusion

Critical evaluation and assessment of progress to date

Plan for completion of your paper