Drinking age should be lowered or stay the same

Out of the four sources one of them has to be a book.
I have done the first two pages of my four page research paper I am asking help from you guys for the last two pages I have done the introduction already I just need to literature review the conclusion and the implications. View is focused headings are used and sections are summarized before a new section is introduced. Review analysis the literature rather than simply reporting results of studies. Writing style is concise and ideas are organized. In the conclusion section doesnt nearly summarize results by imposes some order on the data points out themes of general agreement points out contradictory findings. In the implications points out what the Relevance the information has for intervention or practice in your field of special specialize Asian. And any sources that I use in the essay I would like to be adding annotated next to the sentence which means I would like you to add one sentence description to each of the sources used and one must be a book. If you would like the first two pages of my essay you can give me a call or email me and I will send an attachment with my email of the essay.