E Hitachi Opening the First Nuclear Power Plant in Saudi Arabia

1. Research and Analysis

a. Conduct a SWOT analysis vis-a-vis the country

b. Conduct a Competitive Analysis

i. Discuss positioning vis-a-vis competitors

c. Conduct an Industry Analysis

d. Conduct a Market Analysis to determine if there is an appropriate market.

i. What is your target market and does this vary from the US?

ii. What is the size and nature of the market?

iii. Include demographics, psychographic, lifestyle and other segmentation variables.

Answer the following questions based on GE Hitachi NOT Saudi Aramco. I have answered all of the questions poised above regarding Saudi Aramco. The most important aspect to keep in mind: the Saudi Arabian government and Saudi Aramco are exploring new sources of energy since the country is run on oil and gas due to its abundance in the country, however, these GE Hitachi nuclear power plants will be producing ELECTRICITY!