E Hungary (MBA Global Business Management)

I am not certain what Stylemeans above but if it refers to referencing, then Harvard Style is required.

Also, Number of sources I have assumed is the number of journal articals to be referenced. The minimum is 6 for this essay however, I would prefer at least 10.

Maximum words is 3,500, however, to keep in line with my usual papers, I would prefer to keep count to around 3,000 3,250 (ie approx. 10% less than the maximum).

The case study relates to the history of GE, GE Hungary and Tungsram. More specifically it discusses the acquistion of the lighting business, Tungsram.

Our Essay brief is quite specific. Our lecturer has stated that he does not mind stepping outside the strict requirements and encourages wider thinking but not too much.

The text book used is Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach 3rd Edition by John B Cullen & K Praveen Parboteeah. Chapters 1, 3 & 4 relate to this case study.

I will upload a copy of the case study and essay brief once I have access to do so (ie order number etc).

As I am in Australia, given the time difference, the best correspondence is via email. Please advise if I have not understood any details correctly.