E103 Pro jects and Prototyping Fall 2014 Design Pap er

Suppose that a friend of yours is interested in electronics as a hobby. This person is a student who is
interested in building small electronics projects and repairing small gadgets. This person asks for your
advice in buying a multimeter. They want a tool that they can use in their hobby and will last throughout
their time in college. Consider the four options below. Write a pap er that recommends a multimeter and
explains your recommendation

Option 1:
Sinometer model number DT830BT
Pro duct/Pro duct.aspx?Item9SIA0ZX0T93071&cm_remultimeter-_-04X-006W-
00001-_-Pro duct

Option 3:
Mastech mo del numb er MS8268
Pro duct/Pro duct.aspx?Item9SIA0ZC0937104&cm_remultimeter-_-04J-0037-00007-
_-Pro duc
Suggested outline:

1-Introduction (What factors should you consider in picking a multimeter?)

2-Background information on each of the options. (What is a a multimeter? What can it measure?
What features are important in selecting a multimeter?

3-Comparison (Include at least the following factors: Maximum voltage it can measure, maximum current
it can measure, battery/power source needed, what else it can measure besides voltage, and cost

4-Conclusion (Which multimeter do you recommend and why?

**notice: Supporting calculations or evidence (For example, instead of saying one multimeter can measure larger
voltages than the other, specify the voltage ranges.)
Appropriate use of references

*The pap er should b e approximately three to five pages in length not including the reference section.

*I specifically want you to practice using references in this pap er. Reference all sources appropriately.
You should use more references than the ones listed on this page. For any references from the web,
include the full URL and the date

*Do not cut and paste. Explain ideas in your own words.

*The comparison section should b e the longest section of your pap er. Use your own words to compare
the options. You may include more factors than the ones listed

*If you cho ose, you may replace one of the options by a different multimeter. If so, provide details of
the multimeter you use.