EA 634 The Socio-Political And Cultural Context Of Nursing

Within this module you will explore the socio-political and cultural context of adult nursing. The module is designed to enable you to reflect upon your role as a nurse in promoting anti-discriminatory practice. Lead lectures on the social context of adult nursing, inequalities in health, gender issues, ethnic and black minorities will be supported by the integration of Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) activities. A focus on women s health and maternity care will also be incorporated into this module.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student will be able to:

1.Analyse the social, political and cultural context of health and inequalities across a range of groups and contexts. (NMC 1.3 and 3.2)

2.Critically examine how discriminatory practices impact upon the therapeutic relationship and human rights. (NMC 1.3 and 2.5)

3.Reflect upon how the delivery of anti-discriminatory practice can be positively promoted through an understanding of the diversity of values, belief systems and cultural expectations. (NMC 1.3 and 2.6)

4.Demonstrate the ability to use a range of key transferable skills across a range of delivery contexts. (NMC 3.4)

 Practice which does not take account of oppression and discrimination cannot be seen as good practice, no matter how high its standards may be in other aspects (Thompson, N. 2003:11 Promoting Equality; Challenging Discrimination and Oppression (2nd ed). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.)

Analyse the above statement and consider the social and cultural issues that may impact on the patients or clients within your placement area. Reflect on the knowledge and interpersonal skills used to promote individualised care.

Specific Assignment Guidelines for HEA 634

” Please refer to the Learning Outcomes; for this module you must address Learning Outcomes one and two within this assignment.
” Consider the social divisions (gender, class and ethnicity) and cultural issues associated with oppression and discrimination.
” Examine the main health inequality issues related to access and treatment in healthcare.
” Discuss anti-discriminatory practice and how it relates to the social division issues for one particular client/patient group.
” Discuss the interpersonal and communication skills used in promoting anti-discriminatory practice for this group of clients/patients.

General Assignment Guidelines

” Maintain confidentiality at all times, failure to do so may result in a FAIL grade being awarded.
” The Harvard referencing system MUST be used as per Edge Hill guidance  please refer to uk/tld/student/7steps/harvard.htm
” Failure to support your work with references or to submit a bibliography will result in a FAIL grade being awarded
” Refer to the guidelines on plagiarism and DO NOT lend assignments to other students to copy
” Any Trust or placement documents used in text and/or appendices MUST be anonymised.

please find attatched more assignment guidelines. thankyou.
harvard referencing