Ead Poets Society as a Study in Organizational Behavior

paper should be 10-20 pages (not including title page, references, and appendix), and include the following: abstract,
the research topic or question,
a literature review (use at least seven peer-reviewed articles and/or URLs),
your analysis,
conclusions (e.g., a?So, whata┬Ždoes this have to do with understanding organizational behavior?a?)
Follow APA style. Papers should be double-spaced, left justified with indented paragraphs. They should be free of any mistakes, and include a complete reference list. Footnotes are not required. However, to avoid plagiarism, be sure to give full attribution by the use of quotation marks and citations
use the following theories according to text Classics of Organizational Behavior 4th edition by walter E/ Natemeyer and paul hersey-
High performance organizations
Lewinas change
Johari Window
Human relations and beyond
Scientific Management
Giving and receiving of orders
Group Behavior
Hawthorne theory
Motivation theory
Power and Influence
Leadership and Organizational effectiveness
Leadership and Power