Eading: Culture and Legacy Topic: Literature and Entertainment: Film and Theatre

This is to be done at the level of Year 8-High School student, Sydney, Australia.

Heading: Culture and Legacy
Objective: Describe cultural legacies of the shogunate.
Research your topic. Present your findings on a maximum of 4 powerpoint slides. Use pictures and write in dot-points. Ensure your presentation is clear, concise and engaging.
TOPIC: Literature and Entertainment: Film and Theatre.
E.g. of a world famous director, Akira Kurosawa, who did films on Samurai Japan
Make sure your description addresses the following:
* What is the cultural feature ?
Describe noh drama,
Describe bunraku and
Describe Kurosawas samurai films.

* How is it a legacy from the feudal/shogunate era of Japan ?
When did noh drama, kabuki theatre and buraku originate ?
Why do you think Kurosawa set his films in the Samurai period ?

* What is its place in society today ?
How are noh drama . kabuki theatre and bunraku enjoyed today ?
When were Kurosawas films made ? What was the films impact ? Were they
popular with audiences when they were released ?
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