Ealing and Placebo effect in clinical practice (from anthropological/sociological perspective)

***The thesis should be written from anthropological/sociological perspective (NOT from biological/psychological perspective).

***Referencing and Resources
32 references including journals and chapters of books (No Internet websites). You should also include page number(s) for intext referencing. i.e. (Authors Surname, Year, Page number(s))

If there are authors who share the same argument;
(Surname Year: Page number(s); Surname Year: Page number(s))
-End-text referencing;

***Presentation and Substantiation of Argument
-Written expressions
-Clearly expresses, good logical flow, with each point clearly leading on to the next.
-Good paragraph structure, paragraphs covering different points, well connected to preceding and succeeding paragraphs.
Proportionally wellbalanced AbstractIntroductionBodyConclustion/Discussion.
-Headings, sub-headings used effectively.
-Effectively links the ideas or theories of different authorities to actual situations and analyses these in the wider disciplinary context;originality of thought or synthesis.
The introduction of the thesis (approx. 800 words) should contain a clear statement of the overall argument of the thesis. This argument should be framed in response to the whole question and all key terms and concepts should be fully explained . The introduction should also a?signposta the main points to be raised in the body of the thesis.
-To maintain objectivity, the body of the thesis should present clear and convincing a?casesa in support of the overall argument. These cases should be logically presented in the form of reasons (at least four) which help substantiate the overall argument (ie. which indicate why your argument is right). Please make sure you fully explain your reasons and offer some a?evidencea and in-depth CRITICAL analysis in support of these. a?Evidencea includes:1) other sociologists/anthropologists who support and give weight to your argument, and 2)examples/experiments drawn from current and past events .
-Conclusion/Evaluation/Discussion should be in approx. 1000words; summarises argument, adds any qualifications or modifications and includes any implications of findings.