Ealing with Hamas: Issues for a just peace in Israel-Palestine


You are a researcher for the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) and you have been delegated the task of preparing a 2,000 word briefing paper on Hamas for the DFAT Minister.

# You will need to provide:
an overview of the organisationas history
vision; and
role in the Israel-Palestine conflict and a potential resolution.

# You will also need to examine the pros and cons of the Australian government engaging with Hamas in the context of achieving a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Please use headings to separate each issue.

Please include a bibliography at the end of the paper. This is not to be included in the word count.

Hamas is to be understood as the socio-political wing not just the paramilitary movement.

Please can you write this paper without emotion regardless of what your stance is on the matter.

Feel free to contact me if further clarification is required.

Thank you.