Ealing with Moral Issues in Health Care

The Midterm paper calls for a reflection on the growth of your understanding of approaches to dealing with moral issues in health care. Here are some a?leadinga questions that might help in the reflection (remember these are not meant to be answered one by onea¦ I am looking for your appropriation of the ideas put forward, including your reading and reflection):
What are some approaches to dealing with moral issues in health care (and beyond) which you have learned here and elsewhere?
How does history affect the approaches?
How does spirituality influence morality?
What is the role of religion in dealing with moral issues?
How does society affect the approaches (for good and ill)?
This is a writing exercise meant to be assessed on the basis of the criteria of engagement and depth; it will also be guided by the criteria for writing found in chart in the syllabus.
Use specific issues in your answer.