Ealing with the Differences between Students)

**Assignment Title: Action Plan a9 a9 a9 a9 a9 a9 (Dealing with the Differences between Students)

Student will write a 3 or more page paper with the focus to take a topic from the course and begin to promote real change in your school, classroom, lessons, or interactions with other people during your professional (and personal) day.
Choose an area in your professional day in which you can begin to make change. This is not a group assignment/project, however you may choose to discuss your project with others to gain their insights and perspectives. For example, you may enlist others on this mission, connect to an already existing group, change your curriculum, involve parents, advocate for your students (or othersa students), etc.

Your plan must include the following parts:

1. What area of anti-bias education will you focus in on for this project? Why?
2. What does the situation currently look like? (Absence of multicultural education, historical views told only from the perspective of dominant culture, absence of differentiation when instructing English Language Learners, name calling in the classroom, racial slurs on the bathroom walls etc.).
3. What is the goal of your plan? How will things change? (Note not how they a?shoulda? change but how they will change).
4. What personal and institutional steps will be taken to make the necessary changes?
5. In most cases we are not able to stand alone to champion change, so who can you enlist to help you/stand with you on this journey?
This assignment must have an APA formatted cover page, and follow APA Style/ Citations.

**Assignment Title: Action Plan Presentation a9 a9 a9 a9 a9 a9 (Dealing with the Differences between Students)

Class presentation of Action Plan developed in Action Plan paper. The presentation will be a clear and thorough explanation of the written action plan. The presentation will provide a clear connection to this course and how the plan will be implemented.

One or more visual aids will be sued to enhance understanding of the action plan.

Presentation should be 5 to 10 minutes in length.