Ealth and Health Benefits of Physical Activity and Mental Health and Wellbeing

Task Description:
Students are to consider a time within their own lives, or that of their family, where some one has undergone considerable stress or had to deal with significant pressure.
Student will research someone of a similar age (14 years)/situation and compare the stressful events in a comparative essay.
A 400 word comparative essay.
case study should consider:
The outline/cause of the stress or pressure
How the stress affected the people involved
How the stress/pressure effected associated individuals
How was the stress or pressure dealt with by the individuals
Essay formal with an introductory paragraph, then at least 4 building paragraphs and finishing with a concluding paragraph.
Essay must be typed.
Correctly formatted and researched reference list is to be included.
My Personal Situation would be that of (LOSS) losing my Labradoodle /dog (Shadow) to cancer and our family dealing with the stress and trauma of his sickness and treatments over 18 months before he dies. He underwent Chemo, radiation and also had the effected leg amputated. Our family even rented a temporary 2nd home to be closer to the Animal Hospital where Shadowss treatment was carried out. The guilt of putting our dog through the trauma of losing his leg so that our family could keep him in the family longer.