Ealth and Nutrition Food Diary Case Study and Nutritional Anlaysis Report



Select a case study from the following group:


Prepare a client based report on your findings approximately 2000 words plus references.

For the case study investigate your chosen client s diet over a period of five to seven days using a food diary.

I need a full nutritional report on what they have eaten each day for five days including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. To make this much easier than working it out manually using food books. You can use the USDA database which can be found at statistical part is completed you then talk about the results on both a nutritional level and a social level. For example

Adolescent boys need zinc in higher quantities than adolescent girls for sexual maturity.

Calcium is essential as adolescents have a lot of growth and repair. Even though more susceptible to women in middle age men can suffer osteoporosis especially if enough calcium deposits have not been layed down in earlier life.

A high sugar high fat diet could lead to obesity; especially men have to be careful of these diets as they are susceptible to coronary heart disease.

So as you can see from the above you need to look at the food diary and comment on it. Talk about where the diet is deficient, what is lacking and why it is necessary for the adolescent to improve his intake.

Talk about macro nutrients and micronutrients. Talk about Vitamin D to aid the uptake of calcium in the body.

Once the science part has been completed, talk about the social implications of for example
being overweight (e.g. if the adolescent continues to eat this way he may become obese which can not only lead to several medical problems but also problems fitting in with society.

Use UK Recommended daily allowances if possible. Talk about the UK EAT WELL PLATE FROM THE FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY.

Ascertain the issues regarding food and health and the factors affecting the adolescents food choices via questionnaire / interview (put any transcripts / questionnaire templates in the assignment) for example what s causing him to eat like that is it time constraints, stress, peer pressure, media influence e.g. many young boys hit the gym and start drinking lots and lots of protein drinks thinking it will make them bigger and stronger.

Analyze THE ADOLESCENTS diet using National Food Guide recommendations and evaluate it, outlining nutrients that need adjusting.

Finally discus how your recommendations may be achieved within the context of the Adolescent s lifestyle.

Give examples of menus/foods that may be appropriate.

A young adolescent boy of 16 in the UK may have just completed his GCSE examinations, decided to leave school and is now working a stressful job. that is one scenario.

Another scenario would be a 17 year old adolescent boy who has chosen to remain in school to complete his A-levels. He is studying hard, and on the school rugby team striving to be bigger and stronger.

Make up all the info including transcripts or interviews and obviously the food diary. Food choices are up to you. Most adolescent boys do eat fast food or takeaways.

Remember this is based in the UK, Indian, Chinese and Fish and Chip takeaways are popular. As is KFC and McDonalds. Pringles are very popular crisps as are Doritos and dips plus mars bars, milky ways etc. That s just a selection of bad foods. Breakfast usually consists of cereals but then there is the good old English breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, beans, sausage, hash browns and toast or bread and butter.

The report content needs focusing on the health and nutrition with good solid references.

The written UK English needs to be good and flow.

I need references and an appendix section at the end.

To complete this case study you do need to do a full nutritional report using either the USDA database or Fitday, you must include all your workings in a table format

Also you must complete an ideal diet for one day based on your reasoning for the adolescent based on taking into account lifestyle and nutritional content for his needs.

So in very basic terms you make up a 5 day food diary containing breakfast, lunch and dinner, including snacks and drinks for a typical adolescent (make it all up and obviously some background e.g. current age, height, weight, lifestyle) Do a nutritional analysis using usda or fitday. Report on the results, talk about positives, negatives and any changes and why on both a social and nutritional level. Then devise a one day menu for the adolescent which would be much more nutritionally sound for his body and lifestyle including why.

Hope this information is good enough for you.