Ealth and Safety legislation a help or a hinderance to football managers and event planners U.K ONLY

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dissertation question:
Q: Is Health and Safety legislation a help or a
hindrance to Event Planners and Managers?**
important must Focus on football matches in the UK only***

Brief Dissertation Plan as follows:

1 Research into Health and Safety in order to gain
knowledge and understanding on the topic. To do this,
information will be collected from internet research,
books, journals, newspapers and websites, especially
uk as suggested by supervisor. After
achieving a reasonable understanding in the subject of
Health and Safety, the process of introduction and
definitions can now be reached and recorded. I will be
actively searching for similar research on this topic.
I will need to identify the personnel responsible for
adhering to Health and Safety procedures, select the
appropriate method of contacting these personnel in
order to conduct my survey. Ways such as via telephone
interview and emailing them etc.
ture Review: Following this I will undertake a
literature search covering safety management systems
and health and safety legislation in music festivals
and football matches

2  LiteraDissertation question: Is Health and Safety
legislation a help or a hindrance to Event Planners
and Managers? very important to Focus on football
matches in the UK.”

3 Research Design: Investigate into what methods can
be used, in order to gather relevant evidence for the
assignment. Decide on what techniques to utilise and
then carry out the process. After deciding and
performing the procedure, results will then be
recorded and explained in this chapter. The results
can shift the direction of this assignment, either
supporting or against the argument in question.
Methods can be interviews, questionnaires and surveys

4  Issues and Analysis:

5  Writing the conclusion: Finally after examining
and analysing into the subject of Health & Safety, the
evidence congregated and the issues within this study,
a conclusion can now be accomplished.

Please write my dissertation to the plan and
dissertation notes I have provided you above and
below. I need the work to be exactly what the question
and the plan says, but within 5days if not you have
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Dissertation notes as follows:

1. please write about the football stadium designs,
why they design it the way it is? is it because of
pass disasters in uk football matches? is that why?

2. What is the basic health and safety regulations for
football managers? event planner? health and safety
regualtions 40years ago what was it like? and whats it
like now? why has it change to the way it is now?

3. What pass disasters are there in u.k? the hills
borough disaster, where hundreds of people died? why?
what happened? was there a lack of health and safety
regulations then? whats changed now? is there new
health and safety regulations because of this? and
what other disasters are there? apart from the hill

4. Is health and safety a help or hinderance to
football managers? why? what regulations are bad? what
regulations are good? what regulation is a help? and
what regulation is a hinderance? why?

Please use books below:

1 The event and safety guild,
2.sports & safety management,
3.Guide to Health, Safety and welfare at football
4.What every manager needs to know about health and
5. football staudium design
6. Football match health and safety and football
matches designs

And please use other similar books to build on
resource, quotes and references. Please use 10 books.

Books Must use:
1.Hills borough, the truth, phil scarton
2.The day of the Hills borough disaster.

Please use these websites:
uk and also use similar websites, please
use 8 websites.

I have also designed a questionnaire I wouldlike you
to use, questionnaire as follows:

1. Do you have any experience with event management?

Please circle:
2. What event did you manage? Football matches Music
Festival s other?

If it s other, please specify:

3. Are you happy with the current Health and Safety
Regulations? Please circle:

A. Very happy B. Happy C. Average D.
Unhappy E. Very unhappy?

4. Which regulation are you most unhappy with?

5. Which regulation are you most happy with?



6. Do you think Health and Safety is a help or
hindrance? Please circle:

A. Help B. Hindrance

Please specify

7. Do you think Health and Safety regulations are
expensive to adhere to?
Please circle:
A. Yes B. No

If yes, approximately have much have you spend
annually? ________________


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