Ealth and Safety Management in the Warehouses‎

I have assignment as follow:‎
” This assignment is should be (2500) words.‎
” the assignment will be in three section as follow:‎

‎1-Part One: ‎
Will cover Task 1 on my assignment this section is the assignment ‎proposal and it will be as follow:‎
” Title
” Aims of investigation
” Rationale  reason for the study‎
” proposed plan of work
” Outline methodology
‎ I am already wrote this part and it will be in the attached file .but if ‎you could please go through it and correct the language mistake.‎

‎2-Part Two:‎
Which will cover Task 2 and that will be a paper denoting the literature ‎search and synopsis of sources should be between (500-600) words ‎length.‎
I will send some files which has some references the main reference is ‎‎(HSG 76)‎

‎3-Part Three:‎
Will cover Task 3 and that will be a paper of 1500 words length denoting ‎the subject selected the results of the investigation and the proposed ‎conclusion and recommendation.‎
The field for my question will be BAE System Company in UK this ‎Company work in Aircraft manufacturing.‎

” After the assignment submission, I will make a presentation about ‎this subject to explain what I have done in my assignment and what ‎my ruselt is. ‎
” Some thing important the tutor knows my langue level because I ‎had submit two quiz answer to him to avoid this problem I will ‎send those quizzes to you as attached file. ‎