Ealth and Safety Practices Plan (Part Six) Health and Safety Monitoring and Final Summary

The company to use is Apple, Inc. Please note most of this assignment is already written and I will upload a copy to the order tracking. You must add to what has already been written to ensure all of the following criteria are met and that an intro and conclusion are present. Please follow full APA format, specifically including headings and subheadings.

Write a health and safety plan section on the two occupational safety issues you identified in part one of your Health and Safety Practices Plan.

Include the use of at least one external and internal group whose expertise is in the monitoring or development of appropriate workplace safety policies.

Provide rationale for why the external and internal group was chosen and the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Final Summary:

This is the final part of your Health and Safety Practices Plan.

Use research, articles, and your text to complete your paper.

Write a final summary conclusion where you make your recommendations to your CEO on the plan. Based on your knowledge of safety, illness and response plans, discuss the ethical responsibility of a company on the following:

Responsiveness to regulations
Injury and illness prevention
Whistle-blowing for noncompliance
Emergency plans
Social responsibility

Provide a section on negative consequences related to organizational risk and regulatory risk of not adopting a company position or plan.

Include all the components of your plan, along with revisions from all previous sections. Be sure to submit this as this is part of your Final Summary grade. While the length of each section may vary, your final plan must not exceed 25 pages.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.