Task 1

You have been invited by Mr S. Loth, the Managing Directo, to act as a consultant on Health and Safety issues. He would like a report, which considers the following issues:

a)Whether the Company has broken the law.

b)Whether any employees have broken the law.

c) What else the Company could have done in their attempts to reduce the accident rate.

Part 2  Work Study

Task 2

Obtain a copy of your own organizations Safety Policy Statement. Using the attached checklist as a guide, write a concise evaluation of the Safety Policy Statement, including recommendations for amendments if appropriate.

Part 3  Quality

The fundamental importance of ”qualityin Customer Service is now recognized by nearly all organizations many of whom have taken steps to develop Customer firstpolicies.

Task 3

In your own organizations either

1) Comment on the effectiveness of such programmes if operated by your Organization


2) Produce an outline programme for all staff (if company has less than 50
employees), or for your section/department (if company has more than 50
employees), with a short justification for the content and duration of the

(Note: either of the above is OK with me)