Ealth at Every Size (Body Image, Weight Cycling)

I need this in six hours. No extensions. Write a research paper comparing and contrasting all 6 of the elements. You are comparing and contrasting the five resources to the in class power point presentation. The power point presentation needs to be referred as the Presenters within the research paper when comparing and contrasting with the other resources. For instance the presenters said that one needs to lower cholesterol and exercise to have targeted weight. This information coincides with….than you just mention one of the sources with its viewpoints. Attach to the citations page there needs to be a vocabulary page as well. In the vocabulary page you need to look up the definition of at least 6 words (2 per scholarly article) and include the original sentence as well as the definition in this section of the submission. Thanks. Any questions please ask asap. I will be up during the six hour duration working on other assignments. -Patrick