Ealth Care and the Competitive Market Model

Please use this text as 1 one references: Getzen, T. (2010). Health Economics and Financing. Hoboken, NJ: Jo
Chapter 13, Macroeconomics of Medical Care”
(the following sections only):
Section 13.1, What is Macro?”
Section 13.2, The Consumption Function”
Section 13.3, Adjusting to Change: Dynamics”
Macroeconomics examines how the economy as a whole operates. These sections explain the principles of macroeconomics and how they apply to the health care market

Chapter 14, The Role of Government”

This chapter explores the governments role in regulating health care. Focus on the concept of market failure and the conditions that create the need for government intervention. In what ways is health care an example of a market failure that requires government regulation?

Chapter 15, Public Goods and Public Health”

This chapter describes the characteristics of public goods. What makes something a public good and why is this relevant to health care?

Review Section 14.4 in Chapter 14 and Chapter 15 of the Health Economics and Financing text. Pay particular attention to Figure 15.1 on page 355. Consider the examples of private goods and public goods depicted in this figure.
Website: Paul Krugman articles at New York Times

Website: Free To ChooseTV Series by Milton Friedman

Private and Public Goods in Health Care
This is just something to think about to think about before you right the essay:
The health care field consists of a broad range of organizations; each of these organizations fulfills a vital role in advancing health and delivering health care goods and services.

Take a few minutes to think about some of these organizations and how they achieve their specific objectives. For instance, what is the main goal of a nonprofit organization focused on a specific aspect of public health? How does it achieve its goal? What are the objectives of the research division of a pharmaceutical company? How do the services provided by a small physician practice compare with those provided at a community clinic?
Now think about the definitions provided in this weekas Learning Resources. To what extent are various health-related and health carea related goods and services private versus public? Why is it important for youa given your current or future professional rolea to understand this distinction and how various goods and services are delivered in health care?
The essay however must address the following: Consider the characteristics of private goods and public goods and how they might apply to mental health care for a group of former U.S. military personnel injured in battle; this should be addressed as the very first line of the essay. How would you categorize this example? Is it a private good? A public good? Or does it fall somewhere in between? What externalities may be associated with this example? What are some potential implications for how this good or service isa or could bea managed? Consider distribution, financing, the involvement of government or public health agencies, and other issues. Explain the extent to which you think this example is a private good or a public good. Ground your analysis in the concepts. Discuss why this distinction is important. What are the economic or financial implications if this good is considered private vs. public?