Ealth Care Financial Management Activities

Read the roundtable article Laying the Groundwork for Value-Based Payment by Burtrie, Lee, Johnson, and Rotty (2013). Reference attached to instructions.

Identify which of the following financial management activities are mentioned by the CFOs who participated in the roundtable: (a) evaluation and planning, (b) long-term investment decisions, and (c) contract management.
Summarize the examples as noted by the roundtable participants.

Paper Expectations: APA format, 12 fonts, Times Roman, double space, cover page, introduction, body with subtitles, conclusion, and reference page. Please be sure to include in-text citations in the body for all references.

Burtrie, A. M., Lee, J., Johnson, B., & Rotty, R. (2013). Laying the Groundwork for Value-Based Payment. Healthcare Financial Management, 67(2), 1-4.