Ealth Care for the Indigent public health

This introduction just to understand what is the class taking about in general:
This course explores populations of Americans underserved by the health care system. Topics cover the impact of living without insurance or enough insurance, services aimed to address the needs of underserved populations, health disparities and health system change.

In this class we have to do presentation as a group. We are 4 students, Heres how weve broken down our roles for our paper regarding healthcare for prison inmates:

Healthcare status of prisoners before entering the prison system/ACA effects on prisoner/ex-prisoner health ( my part )

Healthcare status while in prison (other student )

Transition programs to ease reintroduction to society (other student)

Healthcare status after prison (6 months out) (other student).

So what I need is 5 slides and one page of summery for my part only which is :

Healthcare status of prisoners before entering the prison system
/ACA effects on prisoner
/ex-prisoner health ( my part ) as I mentioned before

I am sure you will provide clear reference .

Thank you .
If there is anything not clear ,please let me know