Ealth Care in America and other Countries

Include an introduction paragraph. This paragraph should be a minimum of 4 sentences.
From Sick Around the World: Pick out 1-2 components from EACH countryas health care system that you feel are the best components of that system.
In other words, choose 1-2 best components for EACH of the following countries: England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan and Switzerland.
This requirement should only take up 1 paragraph within your paper. I recommend no more than 2-3 sentences per country. Do NOT summarize each countryas health care system. Only include what you feel are the best components of each system.
It is recommended that you print out a?Five Capitalist Democracies & How They Do Ita? while watching the film. These notes can be found at countries/. These notes are a guide. Do NOT copy any portion of these notes into your paper.
From Sick Around America: Discuss 2-3 of the biggest problems with the current health care system in the United States.
Include an explanation of why you think they are the biggest problems.
Each problem should include a detailed description no less than 4 sentences
Propose a potential solution for each problem you discuss. Include the realism of your proposed solutions
Describe your proposed solution to EACH problem.
Discuss whether or not these solutions are realistic.
Are they politically viable (would legislation for these solutions likely pass in Congress?) Why or why not?
What groups would advocate for these changes and who would oppose them?
This section should include a minimum of three sentences for each solution.
Current health care law: Summarize three major components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Gather this information from (and cite) only reliable, unbiased sources. A list of good sources is available above.
This should be a substantive section of your paper.
You should include at least 2 sentences about each component of the PPACA.
Include a conclusion paragraph that states your opinion of the current direction of health care reform in the U.S. This paragraph should be a minimum of 4 sentences.

Ealth care in America and other countries.

A title page,apa format,an introduction that ends with a thesis statement,a body with adequate supporting evidence and in-text citations in apa format, a conclusion paragraph, a reference list with at least three credibile online sources, including new york times as as credibile resource and a completed peerreview form. My paper must be 1750 words without title pg or reference pg. must be an Expository essay.