Ealth care in England essay SOCIAL WORK

Assessment criteria:
1. Understand the requirements of social work as a profession
1.1 summarise the requirements of current social work education and ongoing professional development
1.2 Analyse the key skills and responsibilities of the social worker including accountability to the professional body
1.3 analyse how social worker liaises with other key professionals
(guidance analyse procedures followed by professional social workers within different care settings, This can be achieved by differentiating between the main types of care setting, for example home, care home, day centre and evaluating the procedures followed by professionals working in those care settings)
2. Understand current issues in health care provision in England
2.1 Evaluate a major recent development in health care delivery
(Guidance analyse the implications inherent in different care contexts on service delivery, this can be achieved by identifying and evaluating a case study of care given in a specific care setting from your own experience and write up the findings you will also discuss in groups how care is delivered in one particular care setting based on your work experience and write up a report on the conclusions arising from the group discussion)

instead of the self-experience please refer to high profile cases (only UK) such as Victoria Climbie, or Baby P or Khyra Ishaq etc (working together with other professionals, responsibilities, issues and development)
the emphasis is on analysis and evaluation,