Ealth Care in Germany (the topic can also be self-proposed by the writer)

Assume my team has been engaged as cross-cultural management trainers by an organization establishing a strategic alliance with a partner company in a foreign country. I have been hired to prepare the companys Alliance Transition Team to work effectively with their partner. My task is to provide a 10 12 minute training session for the Transition Team that provides them with a brief overview of the relevant local cultures (e.g., national, regional, business) and management practices. My presentation will give the Alliance Transition Team a starting point for understanding the context in which they will soon be active business managers.

Please write a 2-page paper that covers health care and transportation issues associated with living in Germany, within a different cultural context from the viewpoint of business managers, since this is a business practice (please work more on health care in Germany section and less on transportation section.

Note: You can find out as many sources as you can (Commercial films (in native language with subtitles) can often provide helpful insights as well), but one of the sources needs to be from the textbook titled International Management A Cultural Approach, 3rd edition Rodrigues, Carl; Sage Publications”, please use this source as one of your citations. Thanks so much! Just do your best!