Ealth Care Informatics: Implication for Advanced Practice Nursing

Executive Summary:
Health Care Informatics: Implications for Advanced Practice Nursing
Develop an Issues Response Paper/Executive Summary to a mock job interview [Adapted from UCHSC SoN NURS6013 course].
This paper is a synthesis of your responses to a series of questions that you have been given by the Executive Management Team at a health care facility [You can determine what kind of health care facility /setting this is].You are being interviewed by this team for an Advanced Practice Nursing position and your responses should address the following three questions:
· How would you envision using information and communication technologies to support and augment your role as an advanced practice nurse in their health care facility?
· What clinical information tool would you recommend to them as important for use in their organization to enhance or improve patient care?
· What evidence is there that this tool will enhance the quality of care? Are their any limitations or concerns about its use?