Ealth Care Law Changes Reimbursement Systems

Submit your first draft 12a 15 page analysis that is designed to analyze a main concept and strategy related to the U.S. health care reimbursement process.

Identify the implications of various reimbursement models on health care organizational processes.

Evaluate the concept of insurance as it applies to the health care marketplace.

Evaluate the implications of public policy on health care delivery.

Analyze methods of effective cost control in health care delivery.

Balance ethical, quality, and financial standards in the modern health care operating environment.

Demonstrate your research of the literature for your analysis framework or model.

Identify the appropriateness of the selected literature as it applies to your health care reimbursement process analysis.

Synthesize the healthcare reimbursement systems, strategies, and model concepts as they relate to your course project.

Please use the outline that was prepared for order # 93079/U1925058901

Please use the same references in order # 93079_health-care.doc

Include a title page, references, abstract, and table of contents.