Ealth care-long term and capstone discussions 2

Please do each question on separate page and post the question above each page so I know which one is answered. Also I need one reference for each one and please let me know which reference goes with which questions. I do not need a title page.

Question 1 Long term care
In a 250-300 word post, respond to this question: Why is culture change important in long-term care? Select one type of long-term care and present 3 barriers to successful cultural change in your selected type of long-term care.

Question 2-Long term care
In a 250-300 word post, discuss legal liability in terms of governance in long-term care settings. What agencies have oversight authority? Provide one real life example of a long-term care liability issue that could conflict with a governance function. Cite one APA source from a scholarly reference to support your discussion.

Question 3-Captsone
Consider the following statement: Plans in and of themselves are not especially useful; however, the planning process is invaluable. Evaluate and discuss what you believe is meant by this statement. Select an example form a real life health setting and discuss how this statement would apply.

Question 4-Captstone
Evaluate four tools and techniques that are available to facilitate sound decision making in health care. Include technology as one tool, and then select 3 others. Explain how your selected tools are used/applied in the decision-making process.