Ealth Care Management Course: My research topic is: Is it more beneficial for the U.S. to establish Universal Healthcare versus Private Healthcare?

I need a power point presentation on this topic. Here is some outlined information to help guide or give you some sort of an idea: my outline may need to be revised but do the best you can for me with this power point: Thesis Statement: The U.S. needs to adopt a universal government controlled healthcare system to replace the private health care system, to help control the cost, eliminate inefficiencies, establish a centralized system and more focus can be put on healing a patient instead of insurance procedures.
I. A primary concerns raised by advocates of the reform is the number of uninsured in America.

a. Uninsured Americans
b. Medicaid/Medicare
c. Privately Insured

II. Healthcare in the U.S. has been increasingly unaffordable for businesses and individuals.

a. Cost per capita
b. Governmental cost
c. Private Insurance Cost

III. Wasteful inefficiencies can be eliminated.

a. Paper work duplication
b. Claim approval
c. Insurance Submission

IV. We can develop a centralized national database, which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors.

a. Accuracy can be established in properly diagnosing.
b. Medical advancements in data analysis, such as increased in diagnosis efficiency.

V. Medical professionals can concentrate on healing the patient instead of insurance procedures.

a. Malpractice liability
b. Defensive medicine practice

VI. The U.S. current health insurance has a negative impact on employers and employees.

a. High deductibles
b. Benefit reduction
c. Fewer raises offered.

VII. In the U.S. the current health care system has a negative financial impact on society.

a. Sick become sicker, more expensive
b. Taxpayers bearing the uninsured cost.
c. Fewer workers (full time workers have become part time)