Ealth-care on a weight scale: Great britain, Canada, and United States

Participants in the current American health-care debate often point either to the Canadian system or the British System to make their points. Yet few Americans really understand how either of these systems works. Write a research paper in which you explain to American readers how, and how successfully, health care is provided in Great Britain or Canada. Defend a position which states whether of not America should adopt a similar position based upon the success or lack thereof either the Canadian or British systems

1. MLA Format
2. Approximately 9-10 pages, excluding the Works cited page.
3. Argumentative ( persuasive)/ Analytical
4. Sources ( minimum of 6must include books and journals:

Appropriate sources:
Journals( these can be electronic),
electronic databases,
Expert individuals

Wikepedia or other general reference encyclopedia,
Sources which cannot be verified for accuracy or authenticity,
Sources which exist only in cyberspace, Yourself/personal experience ( except as an anecdote/ illustration

I found two books that may make it easier for whoever is helping me with this essay.
The first one is:
National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada by Gerard W. Boychuk
The second one is:
Looking North for Health, edited by Arnold Bennett and Orvill Adams

The other sources Ive been looking at is mostly in EBSCO Host

The electronic journal I found in TIME magazine online called Health Lessons from Europeby Eden Harrel/ Copenhagen

Im not too sure what is the best way your going to set the essay up but our professor gave us an outline of what would be a general idea to guide us along the essay. Here it is

Establish A
Establish B
Briefly compare the two
Introduce the central issues
Cite source materials on the subjects
Present the thesis
Compare A and B
Contrast A and B
Discuss the central issues
Discuss the significant issues
Write a conclusion that ranks one over the other OR Write a conclusion that rates the respective wisdom of each side.