Ealth care organzition and adminsitration

Hi, i have Health care organization and administration assignment ,it is about:
Assume you work for the CEO of a large health care organization (HCO). Your boss has just
retired and the new CEO that has been hired by the board of directors is new to the health care
arena, he comes from the insurance sector. The COO has asked you, the Administrator, to
present an overview of how this HCO operates, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The
new CEO will want you cover several topics at a minimum, including: How the Governing
Board functions, how the budget is managed, how are health care providers compensated, how
the HCO ensures quality of care, How you measure success according plans and budgets, how
relations are maintained with patients and other external stakeholders, and finally how is the
HCO using balanced scorecards. Feel free to create illustrations, charts, etc. to enhance your
message. The deliverable is a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation, plus cover page/slide and
references properly cited. Ensure you have read Chapters 1-4 to help you prepare for these
topics. Also, to conduct your research, you are free to use Internet sources, textbooks, journals
and/or personal experiences

So, i will attached the for chapters and i want you to use another reference as he said ,beside i want to answer this questions as well ,is all about question,he will look at the answer and you have to explain it clearly. plz more illustrations .