Ealth Care Reform Interview of nursing director. How the cost of health reform affects nursing in the hosptial

Health Policy Case Study Analysis
Topic and Interview Selection
1) Select a real-world decision
maker of public health policy for a
population or aggregate. The decision
maker may be (or may have been)
involved in policy regarding either
Gradable Items Details Points Possible
planning, creating, or implementing
a health policy. The policy must have
already been developed and implemented.
2) The policy must NOT be a clinical
care policy for individual care. The
policy involved may include public
or community health, legislative or
regulatory, professional organization
(nursing-oriented), advanced nursing
practice, health plan, or hospital
plan. 3) Resources for potential
interviewees may include: legislative
health committee members (state ordiscipline or association, such as
nursing or medicine; a public policy
leader within a nursing or health
care organization (e.g. American
Nurses Association or Arizona Nurses
Association, American Hospital
Association or Arizona Hospital
Association, American Association
of Critical Care Nurses, Emergency
Nurses Association, Association of
periOperative Registered Nurses,
etc.); a consumer advocacy group
representative, such as AARP; California
State Board of Nursing, etc. 4) The
student must consult with faculty
in advance regarding the selection
of the person/role and policy. 5) In
100-250 words, prepare a biographical
description of the interviewee and the
public health policy they initiated. 6)
APA format is not required, but solid
academic writingA is expected.
federal); a lobbyist for a health care