Ealth Care Reform & the Future of Nursing

.Develop a 3-5 page scholarly paper that describes:

A. The forces of health care reform:

a. How are the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and consumer expectations driving changes in health care delivery?

b. Describe the ethical principles on which the ACA is based.

c. Briefly describe the new health care delivery models that are being developed to address the mandates and consumer expectations.

B. The impact on nursing:

a. Describe the role and skills that will be required of nurse leaders in new these health care delivery systems.

b. Describe new or expanded roles for nurses in these systems.

c. Describe the skills that will be required for clinical nurses in all settings under health care reform.

C. The future of nursing:

a. Postulate what nursing practice will look like in 5-10 years.

b. How and to what degree will nursing meet the goals of the IOM report on the Future of Nursing?
A minimum of four (4) evidence-based references required for this assignment. evidence shouldnt be more than 5 years old.