Ealth-care reformU.S. (controversial issue essay)


Thank you for helping me write my final essay for the semester.
I have to write an essay about one of the controversial issues, and I chose Heath-care reform.
Since I am working for a small medical practice, I thought I would be able to manage the topic; however, I am lost.

These are some of my ideas and arguments that I want to add into my essay if possible, but you can ignore them if you have a better ideas about the essay.

<<<< though I support and welcome the idea of universal health care/health-care reform/government-run public health care system, I am concerned about the quality of health care and services given to patients in near future(5 years from today...), the income of the health care professionals who work for small practices(I think our elected government is going to negotiate/set the fees for service providers like it does on Medicare.) Since I am the claim administrator, I have many unpleasant experiences in dealing with Medicare regarding claims and other general services for providers. I dont know how Medicare treats other bigger facilities and hospitals, but its treatment to small practices are really bad that two doctors that I work for are barely surviving from the payment that they receive from Medicare. The payments we receive from Medicare is much lesser than what we receive from other private insurance because of the Medicare restriction on fees. Most of our patients are elderly so we are not stone-hearted to collect more from them to cover for rent, labor, business insurances, city and state taxes. That is one of my points why I concerned about health care professionals. In fact I am going to lose my job since my doctors are not doing well and closing down the business in a couple of months.>>>>>

I am just ESL 160 student(Advanced Academic reading/writing), and my English is still not perfect, so vocabularies dont need to be very advanced.

And she/ my instructor wants us to use APA citation for quotes.

Though the length of the essay should be 500~600 words, Ive ordered 3 pages, because I am required to submit a draft, and the details of the References and research sources for the essay.

This is the detail instruction for the essay:

In this essay you must choose one controversial issue which you are interested in or possibly want to learn more about and write an essay expressing your opinion about the topic.

Your essay should be at least 500 words in length and:

1) Provide a strong introduction with a thesis statement that gives the topic of your essay and your position on the issue.

2) Present two or three arguments which support your position on the controversial issue.

3) Present an opposing argument and then refute it, or show why it is not valid.

4) Provide support (examples, statistics, quotes) in all of your body paragraphs; in at least THREE instances you must paraphrase and/or quote from an outside source (a magazine or journal article, a reading selection, etc.)

5) Provide a References page, which lists all the information about your research sources.

6) Provide a concluding paragraph that briefly summarizes your main arguments and then gives some final concluding comments on the topic.

Since this is the last essay assignment for this class, I will expect you to go through all the steps of the writing process by yourself. It is always a good idea to have someone give you feedback on your writing. When you turn in your final draft, you must include your draft. Papers turned in without all these materials will be marked down. Your final hard copy draft must be brought to class on December 8th.

I will be happy to assist you anytime if you need further information.

Thank you for your time.

Miya Win