Ealth Care Study literature review dissertation

This is Health Care Study literature review dissertation
it is a literature review and should include ~10 articles with original articles upon submission, the word length should be 10000 (40 page ), and the 2 page for the Acknowledgements and Abstract Also, the topic better related to mental health services because Iam working as a psychiatric nurse in HK.

Below are some details of my critical literature review dissertation:

The structure template:

Title (Combine a short main title with a subtitle of greater detail)

Contents 1 a 2 pages

Acknowledgements one paragragh (customary to acknowledge your supervisor Ms.Sally and anyone else who helped you)

Abstract 200 words (A brief summary a Aim, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion.)

Introduction 1000 words (To discuss your clinical area in some detail, referring to government or public health issues. Clearly state Research Question at the end of the introduction)

Background 1300 words (State your Research Question again at the end of this chapter)

Methodology 1500 words (just explain what search terms are & why they are important)

Methods 500 word (State exactly what you did about searching articles, critical appraisal & thematic analysis)

Results 1600 words (May either write your critiques in essay format or using a table, and place these in the Appendices.)

Analysis 1600 words (Using a mind map or forcefield analysis or fishbone diagram)

Discussion 1500 words

Conclusion & Recommendations 1000 words (Donat in bullet point list, it should discussing)

References (in Harvard protocol)