Ealth care system country comparison fact sheet & summary

For this assignment, you must describe, compare and contrast the U.S. health care system with the health care system in Sweden.

a? Introduce both of the countriesa health care systems. How are the systems organized?

a? A Fact sheet(no more than 3 pages) with Factual descriptions of countries using current research or data (from literature) on the topic:
1. How do people access care (include persons who are insured, uninsured, underinsured)?
2. Financing structuretypes (i.e. public; private; self) and distribution of sources (provide actual data/statistics!). What percent of each countryas GDP is spent on health care?
3. Types and availability of the health care settings and services such as the various outpatient and inpatient settings, acute, chronic and long term care.
4. Health care personnel a number, availability, types, locations, give at least 2 examples of specialties
5. Medical care technologies and pharmaceuticals a types, availability
6. Role and place of public health services (i.e. health promotion and disease prevention; public health screening programs; vaccinations) including but not limited to government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

a? Summarya Write a 1-2 pages summary that includes your overall evaluation and interpretation of the information presented in your fact sheet. What are the main and/or striking similarities and differences between the two countries? Are there aspects about the health care systems that either country can learn about each other?

Grading Criteria (100 points):
1. *How are the systems organized? (10 points)
2. *Factual descriptions of countries using current research or data (from literature) on the topic. (60 points10 points per section)
3. Summary (25 points)
4. Grammar, spelling, subtitles, APA format, and other format considerations. (10 points)