Ealth communication theory application paper

1. Find a popular press article(2010 or later) related to course materials( e.g., provider-patient relationships, managed care, health campaigns, health narratives). Appropriate outlets include Business Week, Fortune, Working Woman, Time, CNN.com.
2. Read the article and write a concise summary of the key ideas. In contexts beyond classrooms, it is important to develop the skills necessary for succinctly summarizing arguments and ideas as employees at all levels in all industries often lack the valuable resource of time get the points quickly! Within the written summary, you must indicate how the article illustrates class material (Reading attached) A majority of your paper should be devoted to connecting the current event with source materials.
3. You need to evaluate the merit of the article. Discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Is the information reliable? Valid? Dose the article have practical utility and heuristic merit (i.e., ability to generate future research ideas)?
4. Attach a photocopy of the article to your written summary.