Ealth Communication verses Social Marketing and allocationof resources

Discuss issues including Health communication verses social marketing and allocation of resources.

obj: Indentify the resources necessary for your proposed program, differentiate between health communication and social marketing.
Step 1:
Indentify the necessary resources for your proposed program, including putting together a poential budget. Indentify the key areas of necessary resources and create a budget sheet for the proposed program. Use format suggested in figure 10.3 I eill make a copy and send it to you.
Step 2; Conduct a research on the concepts of health communication and social marketing. Write a short narrative comparing and contrasting the two concepts. Indentify where these would be most appropriate in the health promotion process required 5 minimum professional resources not including text book.
Step 3; use APA format including title page, reference page, headings and subheadings, include step 1 and step 2 within the same paper separated by main headings, 5 professional resources, properly cited in the text of paper and referenced on the reference page.