Ealth Disparities a Growing Concern in the United States


Health disparities are a growing concern in the U.S. There are also a significant proportion of people with limited or no health insurance which may prevent them from receiving adequate health care, medication, and the use preventative measures such as exercise and diet. How would you address this issue?
This week, you will consider all three research methods (I have attached including yours the best one) holistically when you compare and evaluate them as a coda to your Three Abbreviated Research Plans assignment begun in Week 8, and due this week. Please see the instructors comments on the first page of each of past assignments.
Craft a 2to 3page paper that compares and evaluates the strengths and limitations of each of the three research methods based upon your work with each method.
a? Finalize each 2to 3-page abbreviated research plan (6 to 9 pages total) in which you do the following for each plan:
o Provide an introduction.
o Provide a purpose statement.
o Provide viable research questions and hypotheses (where applicable).
o Generate a written research plan that addresses the questions that were associated with each research plan
a? Combine these four items into one single document.