Ealth Disparities, Diversity, and Cultural Competence

From this list of multiple models or theories of health disparity: the racial-genetic model; the health behavior model; the socioeconomic model; the psychosocial stress model; and the structural-constructivist model. 1). You will need to select the model that you feel best describes the reason(s) or cause(s) of health disparities and then support that decision with evidence from the peer-reviewed literature. 2). You will also need to briefly discuss how this model would impact public health intervention approaches and programs.
Note: You will need to include at least two articles from the peer-reviewed literature to support your discussion.

Required Readings & Other Activities
1. Coreil Ch. 9
2. Collins, J., David, R., Handler, A., Wall, S., & Andes, S. (2004). Very low birthweight in African American infants: The role of maternal exposure to interpersonal racial discrimination. American Journal of Public Health, 94, 2132-38
3. Carter-Pokras, O. & Baquet, C. (2002). What is a Health disparity”? Public Health Reports, 117(September-October 2002), 426-34. Available from