Ealth Disparities: The Negative Health Effects of not Having Health Care Coverage in Hispanic Patients suffering from Heart Failure.

Article research critique
For this assignment, please retrieve and review two published research articles in the area of Heart failure in Hispanics with no insurance coverage (see Topic). The critique guidelines in Polit and Beck : Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice. (2012) on pages 112-117 are to be used. Please use the research article literature review guide below to summarize each article as follows:
a? Article #
a? Citation in APA (2010) format:
a? Type of Study (i.e., Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed);
a? Location/Setting
a? Concepts/Variables
o Independent Variable(s) (if quantitative study):
o Dependent Variable(s) (if quantitative study):
a? Framework or Theory (if any):
a? Study Design:
a? Sample:
a? Sample size:
a? Sampling Methods:
a? Sample Characteristics:
a? Data Sources:
a? Data Collection Measures (quantitative):
a? Data Collection Methods (qualitative):
a? Procedures:
a? Data Analysis:
a? Statistical Tests (quantitative):
a? Analysis Technique(s) (qualitative):
a? Results/Findings
a? Recommendations (i.e., future studies, practice, theory):
a? Strengths
a? Weakness:
Unless classic works are identified, use research reports published within the last 5-7 years. Do not use textbooks, opinion articles, commentaries, case studies, or literature review articles.