Ealth expectancy is an important measure of quality of life

This assessment is an essay writing task. The following gives you more information about the task.
Plan and write a formal problem-solution essay for your tutor following the instructions below:

Health expectancy is an important measure of quality of life
Discuss the problems associated with low health expectancy. Then, identify different ways of reducing it.
In your essay, you should refer to a number of sources and can include your own ideas on this topic (you can use the sources provided in Unit 4 of the SSI Textbook, but you can include other relevant sources as well). You must make sure you provide in-text citations for all the sources you refer to in your essay and a list of references at the end of your essay.
The essay should be 750 words.
You must state the actual number of words at the end of your essay. You must submit the plan together with your essay.

What you will be assessed on:
” The relevance of your ideas to the essay task
” The structure of your essay (how well you planned your essay and how well you link your ideas within and between paragraphs)
” How well you support your ideas using sources and how accurate your in-text referencing and final references are
” How appropriate and accurate your use of English language is, especially register and style.
Further Guidelines:
” Your essay plan and the essay should be typed and printed.
” Use Times New Roman or Arial font type, size 12 and leave double spaces between lines.
” Each page of your assignment should have a header with your ID number and module code (FC501).
” All pages should be numbered.
” Staple all pages together (essay plan together with the essay).
” Print and submit two copies of your assignment. Keep an electronic copy of your essay for yourself (in case the submitted copy gets lost).
” Fill in the official submission form, clearly stating: essay title, your name and ID number, your tutors name.
” Keep the receipt for your submission.