Ealth in East London: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham

Essay Title: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham

Write a critical review (2500 words) of the effect of Tuberculosis as health issue currently facing the people of Newham in East London using one organisation selected for the case study.
An indicative outline of the critical review is shown below:
1. Introduction (200 words). A brief description of the issue and organisation studied.

2. Context (400 words). The social, cultural, demographic, geographical and historical make up of the area. Is this different from elsewhere? What are the key health issues? What makes your project subject important and interesting?

3. Study method (400 words). How did you go about your study? What data did you collect? How did you collect it?

4. Review (1000 words). Critically analyse the organisation and its approach to the key issue facing it. Assess the importance of the issue to the local population. How are local people involved in the organisationas handling of it?

5. Conclusion (500 words). Draw together the main points highlighted in your review. To what extent do they reflect local issues across East London? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organisationas approach? Make and justify any recommendations for change, which follow from your study


Referencing Requirements:
Data extraction guide for area statistic,Data Extraction LHO,books, journal articles, government website etc.