Ealth Inequalities in the United Kingdom

Dear Friend,
Kindly prepare an essay on the health Inequalities in the United Kingdom.
The essay should have a introduction ( summary of the essay)
” Define health inequalities
” The relationship between social class and health inequalities
a) What is mean by social class according to Marx , and Weber ?
b) Why study social class and health
c) Measuring social class, e.g registrar general classification, is measuring social class problematic?
d) What is the relationship between social class and morbility? Black report

Causes of Health Inequalities
” According to the Black Report (1980) the major cause of health inequalities are :
a. A  statistical artefact (Blame the research methods used by researchers)
b. Social selection ( Good and Bad health causes social mobility)
c. Material or structural explanations ( different living and working conditions)
d. Cultural/behavioural explanation (poor are more likely to behave in ways that damage their health smoking, poor diet)
” Regional Inequalities
In 1999, a report from Bristol University suggested that, of the 10 most socially deprived areas in Britain, 6 were in Glasgow! (Shettleston Death Rate X 2.3 national average).
” Hart (1971) proposed the Inverse Care Law, She Argued that in areas with most sickness and death, general practitioners have more work, larger lists, less hospital support than in the healthiest areas  the availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely with the need of the population served
Gender and Health inequalities
a)Genetic and Biological explanations (childbirth, contraception and menopause)
b) Cultural/behaviour explanations (House wife role, )
c) Material/structural explanations (carer role, poverty, )
d) Unequal treatment by the health service ( Male control health service, recommend services which damage their health like contraceptives pills, Valium for depression) (Senior and Viveash 1998
Race and health inequalities
What is race and what is ethnicity?
Genetic/biological factors
Migration and racism
Material and structural factors
Individual behaviour /cultural factors
Unequal treatment by health service
(Senior and Viveash 1998)
A brief summary of the essay.
Black report can be accessed at : mediacentre/news/releases/2008/pr29/en/index.html
doh/ih/ih.htm [10 June 2002].

DoH (Department of Health) (1999) Our Healthier Nation: A Contract for Health. London: HMSO.

DoH (Department of Health) (1999) Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation. London: DoH.
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