Ealth Information Exchange (HIE) Software

Paper Outline

1. Types of HIE
a. Federated
i. Regional Central Authority
ii. (RLS) Record Locator Service
1.Send Query Messages to HIE
iii. Problems
1. Less Interoperable
2. Difficult to keep track of duplicate health records
3. Complexity of locating patient complete medical record
b. Centralized
i. Clinical Data Repository
1. Data Exchange
a. HL7 Interface
b. CCD Document
c. Blended
d. NHIN (National Health Information Network)
i. Federated HIE Pilots
1. New York
2. California
3. Colorado
4. Maryland
5. Massachusetts
6. New Jersey
7. Oregon
ii. How many organizations are currently paying to be part of the NHIN?
iii. What is the exact functionality a user gets when they are logged into the NHIN.
iv. Find out EXACTLY what data is transmitted between these states
2. List of Federated HIE
3. LIst of Non-Federated HIE
4. Benefits of being part of an HIE
a. Meaningful Use Stage 2 Reporting
b. Providers who are members of an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) can earn more rewards from Medicare
c. Increased Productivity
d. Avoidance of Duplicate Records
5. HIE Sustainability
a. Obstacles

*Here is the outline for the research paper. I just want to ensure that all topics are covered and that there is a good amount of detail for each topic.
I wasnt exactly sure what subject I should have put it under, considering that it is health care related as well as information technology. I appreciate your help, if there are any questions, please let me know ASAP.