Ealth Inormation Technology , break down this topic to implmentation of scann records

please follow the instructions and the marking guide
2i will attached example assessment for a pervious student which was the same assessment but different hospital BUT PLEASE DONT COPY AS I WILL GET PLAGIARISM
but i want you to make the same model,..etc
and you need to put a chart

his assessment is worth 30% of the final mark in this unit. The word limit is between 1500-3000 words. A marking key is provided.

A Project Management Plan is to be developed for ONE change or planned project in the Health Information Service at Curtin Hospital (hypothetical). This can be anything that is relevant to a Health Information Service. Curtin Hospital is a 300-bed public metropolitan hospital that currently utilises a paper-based medical record. The majority of medical records owned by Curtin Hospital are stored in off-site storage and only the last two years of admissions are stored on-site in a small department. The hospital is expected to expand to 500 beds by 2017.

The subject of your project management plan needs to be provided to Sharon for approval no later than week 4.

As a minimum the project management plan needs to address the following:

Executive Summary
Introduction and Background
Objectives and scope of the project
Project structure and governance.
Project resources-i.e. human resources required and other resources.
Stakeholder identification.
Risk identification.
Change management method.
Timeline-i.e. GANTT chart