Ealth Insurance Concentration and its Consequences

Please research and write a UNIQUE, CUSTOMIZED Literature Review using the following outline (assume a background in Health Economics when writing).

Introduction/Literature Review

How/where do Americans get health insurance. And how insurance works
-Employer Private
-Individual Private
-Medicare/Medicaid Public

Asymmetric Information in health insurance

-Adverse Selection
-Denial of Pre-existing Conditions

-Monopoly/Monospony power
-Demand for health insurance (inelastic)
-Correlation between Price and concentration (Weiss, Leonard 1990.. try to find)
-Measuring Concentration HHI
-MSA concentration and AMA
-Leads to High medical loss ratios


Im attaching a paper that I would to be used as 1 of the sources, the other 6 sources should be a mix of other papers, textbooks and online journals.