Ealth Masters Proposal about violance in mental health

a? Submit a research proposal. This should contain the following aspects where applicable:
o Introduction
o Rationale, significance, or need for the study
o Theoretical framework for the proposed study/research methodology
o Statement of the problem
o Phenomena, hypotheses, theories or research questions to be investigated
o Delimitations and limitations of the study
o Definition of terms
o A review of the relevant research and theory, drawn from the literature review (Assignment 1)
o Identification of the potential contribution of the proposed study
o Overview of the research methodology (with rationale drawn from Assignment 1)
o Target population and sampling methods and/or recruitment procedures for participants in the study
o Detail of data collection process
o Proposed methods of data analysis
o Cost estimation
o A draft timetable for all the steps of the proposed research.
This assignment will provide students with skills in the development of research projects. Students will also develop skills in critiquing research for ethical rigor.
About Violence in the mental health the research will be about 25 patients on my ward acute adult psych ward